October 3, 2011

January to October 2011

The Gaketha Laura Energy Saving Group bought 35 dairy goats (and ordered more) which were given to members. They only get a goat if they pay their share and regularly participate in group meetings and project activities.

the new goats (there was a problem with the camera when Mugo took pictures)

The group started a tree nursery. They prepared a special soil mixture, filled over 1000 black polythene bags and added quality seeds of neem and seeds and seedlings of local trees. Group members meet regularly to work in the nursery. Some of them are on duty to do the watering.

working at the tree nursery

The group placed a whole-sale order for clay liners. All members are supposed to build a fuel-efficient stove in their kitchen and to use a basket cooker regularly so they are experts when they promote the new technologies. The basket cookers which are made by some of the members are being sold in Chuka town. One of the group members opened a small shop for second-hand clothes where she also promotes the basket cookers.

clay liners and home-made basket cookers

In 2011, parts of Kenya were hit by drought. Crops in the fields did not get enough rain and the water supply of households was affected. The price of maize - the main staple food - went up and became unaffordable for many people. The same thing happened with other food stuff and commodities.

The Gaketha group decided to use part of their  money donations to buy water tanks for the members. In addition, they started a savings club and organized harambees (fund-raising events). They also began a soap-making project as the price of soap had gone up. One member after the other will get a water tank so they can harvest rain water from the roof or store the water that is supplied through a regional water project.

water tank

At his school, Mugo changed from lower primary to teaching upper primary classes. He teaches lessons on fuel conservation and demonstrates appropriate technologies. Some of his students already have a fuel-efficient mud stove at their home.
Mugo is a tireless promoter and has found many people who are interested in supporting the project and help spreading the good news.

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